Thread: recursivly "adding" a linked list

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    recursivly "adding" a linked list

    hey guys, in preperation for my midterm I'm doing a whole bunch of different exercises with linked lists and recursion. The following is one which I'm having a bit of trouble with, but I think I'm on the right track;

    The question asks for a recursive function which takes a pointer to a singly linked list, where the elements are in order, (ie. 1 3 4 5). without creating a new list make the lists elements add up in the following way:
    //original list:  2, 3, 4, 7
    //output list:   16 ,14 ,11 ,7
    I hope all you know what the question is asking for. Anyhow, here is the code I wrote. Can anyone tell me if it is right or wrong. By my logic it looks pretty good.
    void suffix(cNode * L)
           if(L == NULL || L->next == NULL)
                     return L;
             L->elem = L->elem + L->next->element;


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    With the exception of a few syntactical errors, it looks right. Why don't you test it.
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