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    Help on String Conversions


    i am using eVC++( client side) to get some input from the dialog and send it to a server running as a console application in VC++. I have 2 edit boxes with one of the m having a mapping to a CString object and the other mapped to an integer value.
    I need to pack these 2 values and send it as a CString object to my Send function.

    I need to convert my integer valriable m_value to CString object so that i can concatenate the 2 CStrings.

    What i tried to was :
    CString m_strMessage,m_str;
    CString str;
    char* value="";
    value=(char *)&m_value;

    m_strMessage = m_str + str;
    // Send message to server
    UINT uiResult = Send(m_strMessage);

    The program gave the following error:
    error C2664: 'mbstowcs' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'class CString' to 'unsigned short *'

    Can someone please help me on how to convert an integer value to a CString object.


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    I'm not a fan of MFC, so I don't know much about CString. But, assuming that CString has a constructor accepting a const char*, you can try this:

    #include <sstream>
    // ....
    CString number_to_string(int number)
      std::ostringstream oss; 
      oss << number;
      return CString(oss.str().c_str());

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    You need to use GetBuffer on the str variable to recieve a pointer to the char* contained within. Then use ReleaseBuffer to release the previously allocated buffer from GetBuffer. That may solve your problem.
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    i found the way to do it. i used the Format method of the CString Class.

    for example to convert to integers i used:

    CString str;
    int i=15;

    str.Format(_T("%d"), i);

    It worked for me.

    Thanx for the replies. i really appreciate your help.


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