Thread: Program problems with return height and weight in different values

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    Question Program problems with return height and weight in different values

    I'm trying to make a program that allows a user to
    enter a height in inches and a weight in pounds
    and returns the height in centimetres and the weight in kilograms. Use -1 to as SENTINEL.

    I have the function prototypes but am having
    problems with figuring what to do after
    int main()

    any help even in puesdo code would be useful
    thank you!

    the screen display I'am trying to create looks
    like this!

    Please enter the height in inches or -1===> a num
    Please enter the weight in pounds ===> a number

    The height in cms is a number
    The weight in kilos is a number

    and the program starts over again untill you
    enter the SENTINEL value!

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    The FAQ.
    Pay particular attention to the first three tutorials there.
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