Thread: string object to null-terminating string conversion

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    string object to null-terminating string conversion

    Hello anybody out there. I have a problem understanding the function to convert string object to null-terminated string.

    The function looks something like:

    const char *c_str()const;

    my program looks something like this:

    char word[10]; // null-terminated string (array of char)
    string word2; // string object

    cin >> word2;

    word = word2; // conversion done here; error!!

    cout << word;

    How do I apply the conversion function here?

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    Why don't you just use word all along?. Whatever, using c_str() is done like this :

    std::string str;
    const char* txt=str.to_string();

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    remember you cannot use the assignment operator with c_style strings. So if you want to assign the value of word2 to word and you do not initialize word with word2, as in William's example, you need to use strcpy():

    strcpy(word, word2.c_str());

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