Thread: An exe calling another exe

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    An exe calling another exe

    How do you have an executable call another .exe file (such as having a dos window open another dos window with different content) without using Windows programming. I want to avoid proprietary programs that will run on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, etc). My desire right now (I am a beginner in programming C++) is to make a chat based game where the information for the player's character is displayed seperately in another window.

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    I'm assuming your working from a console?

    try this:
    system("start \"[title]\" [exe]");
    replace [title] with the title of the console window, and [exe] with the name of the executable (you don't have to include the .exe) you want to run in it... i think...
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    Thanks guys, you answered my question better than the teachers at ITT did.

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