Thread: what does #pragma do?

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    what does #pragma do?


    I can't seem to find a good resource that clearly explains what #pragma does. I saw it in this code:

    #ifdef _DEBUG
    #pragma comment( lib, "MyLib_d" )
    #pragma comment( lib, "MyLib" )

    Can anyone explain it to me? Thanks.

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    From MSDN with Visual Studio 6.0 Professional:

    Pragma Directives
    Each implementation of C and C++ supports some features unique to its host machine or operating system. Some programs, for instance, need to exercise precise control over the memory areas where data is placed or to control the way certain functions receive parameters. The #pragma directives offer a way for each compiler to offer machine- and operating-system-specific features while retaining overall compatibility with the C and C++ languages. Pragmas are machine- or operating-system-specific by definition, and are usually different for every compiler.


    #pragma token-string

    The token-string is a series of characters that gives a specific compiler instruction and arguments, if any. The number sign (#) must be the first non-white-space character on the line containing the pragma; white-space characters can separate the number sign and the word pragma. Following #pragma, write any text that the translator can parse as preprocessing tokens. The argument to #pragma is subject to macro expansion.

    If the compiler finds a pragma it does not recognize, it issues a warning, but compilation continues.

    Pragmas can be used in conditional statements, to provide new preprocessor functionality, or to provide implementation-defined information to the compiler. The C and C++ compilers recognize the following pragmas:

    alloc_text comment init_seg1 optimize
    auto_inline component inline_depth pack
    bss_seg data_seg inline_recursion pointers_to_members1
    check_stack function intrinsic setlocale
    code_seg hdrstop message vtordisp1
    const_seg include_alias once warning

    1. Supported only by the C++ compiler.
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