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    Unhappy Confusing Errors

    Hi I keep getting these errors (using g++ on UNIX)... In member function `void
    vehicle_array::remove_reg(vehicle_reg&)': error: no match for `vehicle_reg& == vehicle_reg&'
    operator error: name lookup of `i' changed for new ISO `for'
    scoping error: using obsolete binding at `i'

    Here's the snipet of code it is referring to:

    void vehicle_array::remove_reg(vehicle_reg& tmp){
    bool ctrl = false;
    for(int i = 0; i < used; i++){ //line 71
      if(veh_arr[i] == tmp){       //line 72
        ctrl = true;
      for(i ; i < used; i++){      //line 79
        veh_arr[i] = veh_arr[i + 1];
    Our instructor told us that the == operator was already overloaded for classes. Is this true? It seems to not be working in this case. I also understand this code is sorta messy, sorry. Any help would be appreciated though.
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    operator== (equality comparison) is not automatically overloaded for classes. Perhaps your teacher said that operator= (assignment) was automatically overloaded for classes? You will have to write operator== yourself.

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    As for the other error,
    for(int i=0; i<5; ++i)
    cout << i;  /* illegal.  the variable i went out of scope at the end of the for loop */
    If you want to use i after that for loop, then declare it outside of the for loop.

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