Thread: text color problem(not reapeat Q:)

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    text color problem(not reapeat Q:)

    i use function textcolor(c) where c is the color to change the colour of the writing in my program. But when it's excecuted it doesn't take effect right away. it's like it has to wait until the loop it's executed in or function has at least run once through. does anybody know any solutions to this problem. ti's really annoying. I'm trying to color code the names of elements in the periodic table so the user can tell which one is gas, metal, etc. thjanks

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    What you're doing is compiler specific, but if you post some code, someone might be able to help you anyway. Don't post your whole program (unless it's small), just create a sample main() showing the problem.
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    textcolor takes effect after clearing the screen.
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