Thread: code using Excel?

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    code using Excel?

    I am writing an ATM program that will contain a database of customers - name, address, account no., balance. etc. I need to perform transactions - withdrawals, deposits, account balance, transfer, tx history. My question is - can I use excel to store the data? I did have a text file, and I have transferred data over and it opens the file ok, but when I enter pin to access an account, it's not picking up the pin field. Is there a way in the formatting to get myself over to the appropriate field, ie PIN?? I can't seem to find any examples anywhere. Thx!

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    Re: code using Excel?

    >>can I use excel to store the data?
    I'm not banking with you if you keep my personal data in Excel ! Yes you could use it, but how are you getting the data into XLS format? I presume you're going to stick with a CSV format (comma seperated data)?

    >>it's not picking up the pin field.
    Meaning what exactly?

    Suggestion: Using a CSV file you can open it in Excel easily and it'll format OK into cells. This structure of data is also relatively easy to load into a C++ program.
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    >>it's not picking up the pin field.

    I believe he is talking about the PIN field in his text file. If that is what you are talking about then you need to post the code that you use to get the infrmation from the text file.

    Also how is the data in your text file formatted?

    Do you have something like this:


    where every line is an account number, and you have the fields delimited by something like a comma, semi-colon, or so on?

    Because is that is the case I believe that you forgot to change the delimiter in your code to a "/n" for the last field (PIN), and that is why it is skipping it.

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