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    Question Data extraction from file

    Hey guys,

    Great community you have here.

    I really need to get this thing working to save me alot of time,

    Basically im making a program that logs into my website control pannel, and downloads a bandwidth report of a specific domain. the report downloaded is a html file. I am only interested in the number of MB used:

    <TABLE WIDTH=100% CELLSPACING=1 cELLPADDING=0><TR><TD COLSPAN="[0]"><DIV CLASS=m><A HREF="http://control.***.com:6998/cp4.exe?BWMACTION=1&startdate=10-09-2003&enddate=10-10-2003&ID=508328"></A></TD></DIV><TD COLSPAN="[0]"><DIV CLASS=m>    2.04 MB</TD></DIV></TR></TABLE></font>
    As shown above what i need is the 2.04 MB extracted from the .html file and placing in a varible.

    If anyone can show me an example of how i can do this, including opening the file for editing as i am not sure of the correct way of doing this.

    N.B there is alot of other not needed code in the html file.

    Thanks very much,

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    Do you know how to use sockets?
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    yes i have used sockets to download the file, i now have c:\bandwidth.html

    which needs openeing in the my program and the single size in MB extracting to a varible.

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