Thread: Libraries... another question from me...

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    Libraries... another question from me...

    I'm making my own library, I wanted it to be just like the run-time libraries, where you include a header file, which has class declarations, function prototypes, enumerated types, etc... but no actual code, because it was linked to a precompiled library. My compiler gives my three choices. Static for DLLs, Static for EXEs, and Import libraries. I think import is the one to go with. In my actual code to be put in the library, I have evrything needed for a program to run properly, except a main funtion (I mean verything has been fully defined). So once I have this library, how do I 'link' it to my header file, and what needs to go into my header file?
    Thanks if you can help,
    Sean Mackrory

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    An import library is used with a .dll.

    An import library is more like a proxy that you use to resolve the link for your function. The import library contains no code. Instead, they provide the linker with information neccessary to set up reloaction tables within the .exe file for dynamic linking. This information goes into the .exe file so that Windows can perform dynamic linking with the .dll.

    All functions you wish to use in the dll from your .exe must be exported. It must have a DllMain entery point just like an .exe has to have a main or winmain depending on wheter its a console or a windows app.

    I'm sure you can find more information on msdn.

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