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    Mild confusion

    I want to have a user input a string, read the length, and then put it into an array if it isn't already. I've been trying variations of cin.getline.. pointers and such, I never got anywhere. So can someone point me in the right direction?
    What I want to try to do is reverse the string.. I got a pretty good idea how to do this, so I don't want any help on it right now. Thanks in advance, Dual.

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    This will work with char* only:
    int x;
    char var;
    cin >> var; // what ever it is.
    x = strlen(var);
    cout << x;

    this will display the # of letters (single word only)

    By the way, look at the tutorial next time before you come here

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    I think you meant to allocate more the one char on var.

    He has a legitimate guestion. If you don't like the question don't answer it, but don't tell him to read the tutorial.

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    if you wish to allow the user to input a string containing whitespaces like "what's up Doc?", then you need to use getline:

    char * input[80];
    cout << "enter a string up to 79 char long. It may include whitespaces. Use ~ to terminate input. " << endl;

    cin.getline(input, 80, '~');
    cin.ignore(256, ''\n');//attempt to mop up anything entered after the tilde.

    if you have to reverse the c_style string for an assignment by writing your own function, so be it. Otherwise, you can look up strrev() in your compiler's help section to save you a little hassle.

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