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    segmentation fault

    Yes, another question with hopefully an easy solution.
    I keep getting a segmentation fault error in g++ when I try to run a.out.. I get some different errors in Visual c++ though. The main program isn't the problem, it is the included header.

    Please take a look at what I have and tell me what you think. Thanks.

    file included:

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    1. In your overloaded << operator do a "return out;"

    2. In the function List::replace(VALUE_TYPE v), you are declaring a variable VALUE_TYPE x. Without initializing it to anything you are trying to use it as array index...... hence segmentation fault...

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    Thank you for your help. That helped out a whole lot!

    My code for calculating the data is still incorrect though. I need to fix that somehow.

    If anyone can show me also, how to impliment another class called Stack ontop of that, that would be fantastic!


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