Thread: Please help newbie with Borland Compiler and simple code!!

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    Please help newbie with Borland Compiler and simple code!!

    Ok I downloaded the borland compiler and now I open DOS Prompt and I type

    cd c:\borland\bcc35\bin

    then I type in

    bcc32 mycode.cpp

    When I do this I get it to compile but I get 2 errors...which I dont understand because its the code straight from this site.

    #include <iostream.h>
    int main()
      cout<<"HEY, you, I'm alive!  Oh, and Hello World!";
      return 0;    
    Why doesn't this compile?

    Also, how do I make a .cpp file? I tried saving it in notepad and it didn't work? I had to edit one of the examples and change the code to the one i posted above.

    Is there something that I am missing that is making this not compile? All I want to do is learn how to do basic stuff?

    And also...when it does compile where does it go? Do I have to specify a path, or does it go into the Bin file in the Borland directory?


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    Ok first what are the two errors?

    Second, to make a cpp file you can either save it as a *.txt file and rename it to a *.cpp file or when your saving it type in the name plus the extension and put quotes around it.
    For ex:


    this will make notepad save it with the extension cpp.

    Third, when you compile a file it just stays in the bin directory.

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    Hey, I am a newbie too, and I would suggest going to and downloading dev C++ which is a free compiler, it is a lot easier to use because you can edit your code and compile all in the same program. I started with these tutorials and They compiled fine.

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    Well i got it to work but then I deleted it and downloaded Dev-C++...its so much better and user friendly. (Better for us newbs!!)

    Thanks anyway

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