Thread: multiple (ctime) struct tm* objects

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    multiple (ctime) struct tm* objects

    I would like to store multiple "struct tm*" time data objects in a data class. These object would need to hold different times (lets say a start time, and an end time). But it seems like anytime I modify one of the objects they both change. How do I work around this?

    (i can insert example code if needed)

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    please post code.

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    time_t now;
    struct tm *tm_now;
    struct tm *tm_later;
    now      = time ( NULL );
    tm_now   = localtime ( &now );
    tm_later = localtime ( &now );
    tm_later->tm_hour = 12;
    printf ( "%s", asctime ( tm_now ) );
    printf ( "%s", asctime ( tm_later ) );
    This isn't the actual code, but it is an example of what I am talking about. How can I make tm_now, and tm_later have different times?

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    Read the manual

           The four functions acstime(), ctime(), gmtime() and localtime()  return
           a  pointer  to  static data and hence are not thread‐safe.
    Since localtime() returns a pointer to static data, you can only use one at one, unless you save the result elsewhere

    time_t now;
    struct tm tm_now;
    struct tm tm_later;
    now      = time ( NULL );
    tm_now   = *localtime ( &now );
    tm_later = *localtime ( &now );
    tm_later.tm_hour = 12;
    printf ( "%s", asctime ( &tm_now ) );
    printf ( "%s", asctime ( &tm_later ) );
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