Thread: Need advice: catch exceptions or call methods to check bits?

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    Wink Need advice: catch exceptions or call methods to check bits?

    I am wondering what is a better approach to check whether or not stream operations succeeded:

    Check exceptions:

       do operations on stream
    catch (ios_base::eofbit)
       handle this exception
    catch (ios_base::failbit)
       handle this exception
    or just use the methods provided with streams:

    do operations on stream
    if (file.eof())
       handle eof
    if (
       handle failure

    Normally I'd use exceptions but I'm wondering why the methods eof(), etc., were provided if exception-checking is better. I imagine the exceptions handling is much faster and creates less error-prone code....

    Thanks for any info. Just curious.

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    Well, I don't know for that case, but I can tell you that the classic error checking method with if/else statements is usually faster than the exception handling method. This is because exception handling needs to pass objects through function scope whereas if/else test only check for a variable.
    At least, it's what I think. But, usually, the more complex the abstraction is, the slower it is.

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