Thread: Yet Another Of My Stupid Questions

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    Yet Another Of My Stupid Questions

    What would it take to add your own operator? I have a feeling the answer is something along the lines of "an act of god" (meaning writing your own language would be faster), but i feel i should just ask anyways. If i wanted to assign the @ character for example, as an operator for add seven to the number like a postincriment operator or something, is there any way to hijack a character and turn it into an operator? Thanks for your (now wasted) time.

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    You cannot create your own operators unless you write your own programming language.
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    Why would you want to do this when you can overload the exisiting operator anyway?

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    If i overload an existing operator for example using the integer post incriment operator to add 7 instead of 1, my code would become incompadible with other code, and probablly break it. To do it properly i would have to write wrapper classes for all the standard datatypes, and instead of using standard datatypes, use the wrappers in all instances, which would really be re-inventing the wheel vs just inventing a new operator to do whatever i wanted. Thats Why.(TM)

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