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    Smile clearing invalid value from memory


    I'm having trouble with a validation bit of code.
    If the user enters an invalid character, I want to clear out that value from memory so the user can enter a valid character...

    char chOTyesno;
    ((chOTyesno != 'y') || (chOTyesno != 'Y') ||
    (chOTyesno != 'n') || (chOTyesno != 'N'))
       // this is where the statement would go, right?
      // how do I clear chOTyesno so that it is ready 
     // for a new value? 
      cout << "Did you work overtime? (y/n)\n";
      chOTyesno = getch();
    // thanks.

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    There's no need to do an explicit clear unless you're leaving the data in stdin. Otherwise you can just overwrite whatever is in the variable:
    char yn = 0;
    while (true) {
      cout<<"Wazzup?: "<<flush;
      yn = getch();
      if (yn != 'y' && yn != 'Y' && yn != 'n' && yn != 'N')
      while (getch() != '\r')
    Or something like that.
    The information given in this message is known to work on FreeBSD 4.8 STABLE.
    *The above statement is false if I was too lazy to test it.*
    Please take note that I am not a technical writer, nor do I care to become one.
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    the way that piece of code is tricky because he relies on the input buffer not being flushed... (getch() hangs the character in the buffer for the next statement to catch it)

    that can be tricky...

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    //try this
      cout << "Did you work overtime? (y/n)\n";
      chOTyesno = getch();
      //input code here.
    while ((chOTyesno != 'y') || (chOTyesno != 'Y'))
    But why would you want to test the loop exit?
    I would recomend you only let the fact of truth do the testing required. This will only allow an exit if y or Y is entered. All others are ignored, but if only want the buffer to be clean before your entry then use the flushall();.
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