Thread: Writing to a file and not overwriting it

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    Writing to a file and not overwriting it

    Hey guys, I'm trying to make a file that records a bunch of data in a file.

    Well, I want the first line to be the number of entries, and then the entries follow right afterwords.

    The problem is that when I try to overwrite the # of entries on the first line, the whole file is gone except for that one number!

    So, I have the program check if the file exists on startup, and if not, make a new file with the first line being "0", meaning that there are no stored data.

    When something is added, I want that 0 to be changed to 1, 2, etc. The current code just overwrites the whole file, though!

    How can I overwrite the first line without harming the line under it, or any other parts of the file?

    Code follows:

    ofstream CoolFile("C:\\recipes.dat", ios::app);
    	if (CoolFile)
    			CoolFile << aryCurr->name << endl;
    			CoolFile << aryCurr->type << endl;
    			CoolFile << aryCurr->difficulty << endl;
    			CoolFile << aryCurr->peopleServed << endl;
    			CoolFile << aryCurr->dateAdded << endl;
    			CoolFile << aryCurr->numIngredient << endl;
    			CoolFile << aryCurr->numInstructions << endl;
    			for (g=0;g <=(numberOfIngredients-1);g++)
    				CoolFile << aryCurr->ingredients[g].name << endl;
    				CoolFile << aryCurr->ingredients[g].quantity << endl;
    			for (g=0;g <=(numberOfInstructions-1);g++)
    				CoolFile << aryCurr->instructions[g].instr << endl;
    			ofstream CoolFile("C:\\recipes.dat", ios::ate);
    			CoolFile << *current << endl;

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    Make sure that current contains the right value. I've made a similar bit of code that works fine. Maybe you could post all your code?
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