Thread: error allocating compiler reports pure virtual function

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    Question error allocating compiler reports pure virtual function

    in main I have

    Menu *ptrBaseMenu = new MainMenu(library);

    but this gives me the following error:
    ain.cpp: In function `int main(int, char**)':

    main.cpp:37: cannot allocate an object of type `MainMenu'
    main.cpp:37: because the following virtual functions are abstract:
    menu.h:12: virtual void Menu::process_option(int) const

    but its not abstract here is my header file with the ovriden function from a pure virtual function of the abstract class menu
    #ifndef MAINMENU_H
    #define MAINMENU_H
    #include <map>
    using std::map;
    #include "book.h"
    #include "menu.h"
    class MainMenu:public Menu{
            MainMenu(map<string,Book> &);
            virtual void display_menu() const;
            virtual bool validate_option(int) const;
            virtual void process_option(int);
            void display_library(map<string,Book> *);   
            map<string,Book> *ptrLibrary;

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    virtual void process_option(int);
    virtual void process_option(int) const;

    are probably not being recognized as the same functions, so if you want to override the baseclass's
    'virtual void process_option(int) const', you need to prototype it as

    virtual void process_option(int) const;

    in the derived class.
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