Thread: Skipping input...

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    Skipping input...

    Explain why this happens and what I can do, please:
    #include <iostream.h>
    void main()
    	int junk;
    	char strSkipped[10], strNext[10];
    	cout << "C++ is messed up!\n";
    	cin >> junk;
    	cout << "\nThis next getline will be skipped for me\n";
    	cout << "\nBut then this is able to be accessed.\n";
    	cin.getline(strNext, 9);

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    I think the reason is when you
    cin >> junk;
    the end of line char '\n' is left in the istream buffer
    so the next line reads from the buffer and gets an end of line char
    so continues to the next statement

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    How can I fix that??

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    put "cin.ignore(1);" before the cin.getline it's skipping.
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