Thread: struct tm* time OVER HEAD question

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    struct tm* time OVER HEAD question

    I am trying to use the <ctime> struct *tm storage class. I am having problems with getting consistant results when accessing the members of the struct. When printing out the time in a loop, I get 0's 75% of the time (i rarely get the stored time). The behavior is somewhat bizzard because in other location in my software I conistanly get the correct results. So my question is, Is there a lot of overhead in using this *tm struct, and could this be causing my problems or do "you" think my problem lies some where else.

    (I noticed that if I put a Sleep(x) in front of where I am access the time elements I get better results..but still not 100% which is what I need)


    Is there a better alternative to using this storage class?

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    Are you using the function localtime() to return the struct *tm? There's nothing I can think of which would cause this to occur. Maybe you could post a code snippet.

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    I don't think the problem lies here, I tried a 10000-time loop which only get the time and displays it and nothing strange appeared.

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