Thread: function problem using drawCircleChar

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    function problem using drawCircleChar

    I'm trying to write a program that uses the function drawCircleChar and the character should be 'X'.
    However, I keep getting various error messages like undeclared symbol, etc.

    Could anyone please help me out - I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    // Functions used.....
    void drawCircleChar(char symbol);		// Draws a circle
    void drawTriangle();				// Draws a triangle
    void drawIntersect();				// Draws intersecting lines
    void drawBase();					// Draws a horizontal line
    int main ()
    // Draw a circle.
    	// Draw a triangle.
    	// Draw intersecting lines.
    	return 0;
    // Draws a circle.
    void drawCircleChar(char X)
    	cout << "   " << symbol << endl;
    	cout << " " << symbol << "   " << symbol << endl;
    	cout << "  " << symbol << " " << symbol << endl;
    }  // end drawCircleChar
    // Draws a triangle.
    void drawTriangle()
    }	// end drawTriangle
    // Draws intersecting lines.
    void drawIntersect()
    	cout << "   /\\  " << endl;
    	cout << "  /  \\ " << endl;
    	cout << " /    \\" << endl;
    }	// end drawIntersect
    // Draws horizontal line
    void drawBase()
    	cout << " ------" << endl;
    }	// end drawBase
    I know the character 'X' needs to be declared somewhere, I'm just not sure how to go about doing this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    In your function header for drawCircleChar(char symbol) you changed symbol to X and did not change the reference to symbol to X in the functions body.
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    I changed all drawCircleChar to read "drawCircleChar(char X)"
    but that doesn't tell the program what to do for symbol.
    I' still getting the error message
    "undeclared identifier"

    I've been trying to follow the textbook, but it's not very clear - it's definitely not "C++ for Dummies!"
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    Take your original code and change this:
    >void drawCircleChar(char X)
    To this:
    void drawCircleChar(char symbol)

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    Yes! That made it work. Thanks very much!!!!!

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    jeebus, they still use that program?!
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