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    I am trying ti write a C++ function addArray to add a range of elements of an array from start to end. Can anyone steer me in the correct direction?

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    for loop.
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    I know that we are not all brainers in the subject of C++. Actually I would like to become good at it soon. I do struggle! I appreciate all the encouragement and advice you have given me,

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    But you have to try at least! Any basic C++ book teaches how to do it and a lot more!!! The suggestion of major_small should be enough.
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    If that wasn't enough for you, I'm going to give you a couple pointers.

    1) STFW. Google is your best friend, or at least it should be.
    2) RTFM. Your compiler came with documentation for a reason. I'm also willing to bet that you have a programming book or two laying around, or you have access to one. If you don't, several can be found with the help of the first thing I said.
    3) Run a board search. Chances are strong that your question has been asked before. See the last two comments - you're going to have to read.
    4) Look around on this site. We put this stuff here for people like you.
    5) If you'd done any of the last five things, you likely would have found your way here, which is where we keep the information on looping.
    6) You would probably, however, do better to start here.
    7) And of course, the links to all these great tutorials can be found here
    8) Further tutorials can be found here.

    Have a nice day.

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