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    skipping lines

    I just started up on programming in C++ from QBASIC and i was wondering how, when entering text, can u skip lines?

    When I put this in:
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main() 
      int num;
      int num2;
      cout<<"Hello There!";
      cout<<"What is your favorite number?";
      cout<<"Your favorite number is: "<<num;
      return 0;    
    It come out to:
    "Hello There!Whats your favorite number?"

    And I want it tho show:
    "Hellow There!"
    "Whats your favorite number?"

    Yeah im a newbie but ne help would be great!

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    Simple problem:
    cout<<"Some text..."<<std::endl; /*or just endl if you already have using namespace std at the top of your program*/
    cout<<"Some text on the next line\n";
    cout<<"\\n creates a new line as well!";
    Basically, you just need to add \n to the end of your text (within the quotes) or you can use endl, which also flushes the output buffer.
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    You could do:
    cout<<"Hello There!" << endl;
    That will put a newline after the preceding
    cout<<"Hello There!";
    cout<<"\nWhat is your favorite number?";

    Anywayzzz, FYI that was basic c++ that you should learn from available tutorial on this site.

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