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    about Makefile and Macro

    Helllo,,, guys..

    i'm kind of newbies for c++

    here is my problem..

    i'm now taking a CPSC course
    and one of the lab that i'm doing is about Makefile

    here is my Makefile

    CC = gcc                                # Compiler
    CFLAGS = -D_POSIX_SOURCE=1		# Compiler flags
    ## OLD CFLaG ##  -c -I./lib                     
    LFLAGS =                                # Linker flags
    LIBS = -L./usr/X/lib -lXaw -lXmu -lXt -lX11 -lsx        # Library ## old
    ## LIBS = libsx.a		                # Library ## new
    SRCS = button.c colormap.c Dialog.c draw.c DrawingA.c font.c libsx.c list.c menu.c misc.c popups.c scrollbar.c string_entry.c toggle.c version.c 
    PROG_OBJS =  $(SRCS:.c:.o)              # Object files
    PROG = courses                          # Executable name
    RM = /bin/rm -f                          # For cleaning
    $(PROG): $(PROG_OBJS)
    	$(CC) $(LFLAGS) $(PROG_OBJS) $(LIBS) -o $(PROG)
    %.o : %.c
    	$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) $< -o $@
    .SUFFIXES: .c
    	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c $<
    	rm -f  $(PROG_OBJS) $(PROG) *~
    	makedepend -- $(CFLAGS) -- $(SRCS)
    i'm now having a problem with
    Define macro _POSIX_SOURCE with the string "1"

    i am asked to define this macro with the value "1"
    i then insert this
    to my CFLAGS

    i believe that everythign should be fine; however, i still receive this err

    bowen:~/tom/lab2/libsx/src> make Makefile
    mksh: Fatal error in reader: = missing from replacement macro reference
    Current working directory /galiano1/i3x3/tom/lab2/libsx/src
    i ran this command in secureCRT, and fixing Makefile in X-win32

    anybody can help me with the question

    i'd be really appreciate
    i really need it within the next 8-10 hr if it's possible...
    thx very muchh guyss

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    A guess...

    I think makefiles are system dependent, and I've only used Microsoft... and even then I've usually copied/modified an existing file.

    My guess: You probably can't have two equal signs on a line.

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