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    In my program I have to put a destructor in the class which will delete all the links when a linklist object is distroyed. I have to delete each link as it goes, displaying a message that the element was destoryed.....this is the code for the class....

    struct link                                             //one element of list
            int data;                                       //data item
            link* next;                                     //Pointer to next link
    class linklist
                    link* first;                            //pointer to first link
                    linklist() : first(NULL)
                    { }
                    void additem(int d);
                    void display() const;
    void linklist::additem(int d)
            link* newlink = new link;                       //make a new link
            newlink->data = d;                              //give it data
            newlink->next = first;                          //it points to next link
            first = newlink;                                //now first points to this
    void linklist::display() const
            link* current = first;                          //set ptr to first link
            while(current != NULL)                          //quit on last link
                    cout<<current->data <<endl;             //print data
                    current = current->next;                //move to next link
    Anyhelp on where this destructor goes would be great.


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    You'll need something like this:
    if next
         delete next
    in the destructor, as well as the message displaying that the element was deleted. Figure out why this works - it's good for you.

    Oh, and the placement of the destructor in the file doesn't matter.

    void linklist::~linklist()

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    ive always been taught to do this with my linked lists:

    you will probably want a function to remove a node from the end of your list. i would make its prototype like this:

    template <typename Type>
    bool remove( Type &t );

    where type is the type of variable the list holds. the way it works is, you pass a variable in to t to store the data of the node youre deleting, and then you return true if a node was deleted or false if the list is empty.

    then all you have to do in your destructor is call the remove function in a while loop until it returns false. i usually would make a dummy variable to hold the value, just so the function has the argument it needs.

       Type temp
       while ( remove(temp) );
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    how about something like:
    while(count) // while there are nodes
        RemoveNode; // call the function you normally call when deleting a node
                    //this should also decrement count
    This is assuming you're keeping a counter in your list class of how many nodes you have.
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