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    Visual C++ Books

    Has anyone ever heard of these two books:

    1. Begginning Visual C++
    By: Ivor Horton
    2. Programming Microsoft Visual C++
    By: Microsoft Press

    I'm trying to decide which one to buy. The only thing that has me is, MSVC++ 6.0 was made by Microsoft, so the book by Microsoft had ought to be good, eh? Except...Beginning Visual C++ has 15 reviews at Barnes & Nobles compared to 3 reviews for the Microsoft book. Also, Beginning Visual C++ is 2,000 while the Microsoft's book's sales rank is 8,000. I'm kind of leaning toward Beginnning Visual C++, just wanting to know what you guys think. THanks

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    get Ivor Horton, i've read some of it, hes good but expects you know C/C++ pertty much,

    Programming Microsoft Visual C++ :

    i heard nothing but bad about this...
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    You should try "C++ from Scratch" It is really good if you have some basic programming knowledge and want to start using C++. That book is also mainly for Visual C++. I have that Ivor Horton one, but I didn't really like how it was written because it was like most programming books that tell you some very basic stuff and 2 pages later expect you to know everything about the language

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