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    Question Getting user input for filename loop

    I have a program that prompts the user for an existing text file that they want my program to modify. Currently, when the user puts in a file that can't be found, the program displays an error message then quits. I would prefer to put the prompt in a while loop and while the file can't be found, prompt the user to try to input the file name again. I set up my loop but it doesn't work. THis is how I tried it:

    	while (
    		cout<<"Error opening input file. Did you input the wrong name or path?\n";
    		cout<<"\nEnter the name of the text file: \n\n";
    At first I didn't have the fin.close() at the top of the loop but added it when the loop was getting stuck in an infinite loop. I'm thinking that I might have to rename the file variable name each time, i.e.: input_file, input_file2, input_file3...

    Is there a better way?

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    >Is there a better way?
    while (!cin.getline(filename) || !
      cerr<<File open failure, try again...\n";

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