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    debug error


    when i run my program i get a window that says

    Debug Error!

    Damage after normal block (#43) at0x00430030

    (press retry to degub application)

    its really anoying cause if i click ignore the program executes and does whats it suposed to.

    anyone know what sort of problem this is and how u fix it?
    if u want to see the code just ask
    thanx in advance

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    that could be any number of things, but the most crashes i see are stuff like writing out of bounds in an array, or trying to access memory that hasnt been allocated yet (or has been allocated but not initialized)

    if you want to know what causes this crash, youre going to HAVE to post your code, there are no two ways around it.

    either that or you could step through the debugger yourself, maybe set a few breakpoints, and try to narrow down on where the problem is happening... if you were to hit retry, it would probably take you right to the exact line that its happening.
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    thanks, ill check!

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