Thread: Borland 5.5 Header Files and Libraries

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    Borland 5.5 Header Files and Libraries

    Is it possible to simply copy header files and/or libraries from the free Borland command line compiler and use them in Dev C++? My internet connection is too slow to dowload a Direct x SDK (7 or 8; I refuse to use 9). Would this be possible? Thank you!

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    How sad! Is it possible to download only the necessary files that are compatable with Dev C++ instead of the whole SDK?

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    A guy called Paul Gerfen, made some sort of library for it, but the links on his site have been down for quite a while. Can't you get the sdk by post on cd though, you would have to wait, but probably not that long. I've got a book called C++ programming for the absolute beginner, and the direct 8 sdk came with it. Maybe you could go down your local computer places and check out the books. Also I don't know how good dev 5 is for dx, I got something to work on Dev 4 but I've had no luck with 5.

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    Lightbulb A suggestion:

    Find a fast Internet connection somewhere (a friend, school, work), and either haul your computer there, or burn a CD there.

    I was thinking about this a couple of weeks ago after I spent about 4 hours downloading. Then, I bought an extra network card to keep in my "arsenal", because the computer I was working on didn't have one, and I would need it to plug-in at work.

    There's a bit of an explaination of why you can't mix-n-match compilers & header files in the Programming FAQ.

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    I apperciate all the help that I have been given! ^_^

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