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    what does this mean

    I understand the typedef statement, I understand the enumeration declaration. How do fmtflags and fmt_flags interact with one another!

    typedef int      fmtflags;
        enum fmt_flags {
                         boolalpha     = 0x0001,
                         dec               = 0x0002,
                         fixed             = 0x0004,
                         hex               = 0x0008,
                         internal         = 0x0010,
                         left                = 0x0020,
                         oct                = 0x0040,
                         right             = 0x0080,
                         scientific       = 0x0100,
                         showbase    = 0x0200,
                         showpoint    = 0x0400,
                         showpos      = 0x0800,
                         skipws         = 0x1000,
                         unitbuf         = 0x2000,
                         uppercase    = 0x4000,
                         adjustfield    = left | right | internal,
                         basefield      = dec | oct | hex,
                         floatfield       = scientific | fixed
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    Question Can't tell...

    The answer is somewhere else in the code.

    How are your hex skills? Each of these flags is represented by one bit... Each of those hex values has a single bit = one, with the remaining bits = zero.

    For example 0x0002 (hexadecimal) = 0000 0000 0000 0010 (binary)

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