Thread: Variables not being set correctly

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    Variables not being set correctly

    Ok, so I'm making a game.
    Now I've run into a problem, I'm trying to set an integer variable selected[1] = 1; but it is returned as 3?

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with my code. Well that is what I'd say but there obviously is if I'm getting the wrong value assigned to it.

    I'd have put this in the game programming forum but it's not game specific.

    Line 757 is where the if statement where the variable is set resides.
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    well i tried to look through your code but i game up fast, all I can say is you are using way way way way too many global variables.
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    don't use inverted commas (or whatever they're called lol) when you do this: keys['1']

    Just do this: keys[1]

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