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    Reading Text files

    Is there a way to read a text file if you are using a string from a structure as the text file to open?
    For instance, I have a program that searches for text files and as it searches it stores the name of the text in a structure.
    Later I want to be able to open this text file for reading.
    I have only seen instances where the text file is already given to you.
    like this
    readfile = fopen("textfile.txt","r");
    Is there a way I can read using the .name component of this structure
    typedef struct 
    char name[30];
    int position;
    int chars;
    int newlines;
    int main(void)
    FILE *readfile;
    Any help, I would appreciate greatly

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    Sure if the char name[] field has a string in it you would just use it like:
    TXT txt;
    FILE* readfile;
    readfile = fopen(, "r");
    However this is a C++ board and it should be done with C++:
    #include <fstream>
    using namespace std; // shortcut not recommended in real situations
    TXT txt;
    ifstream fin(;
    You should also consider using the string class in place of char*.
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