Thread: Program that moves mouse cursor and clicks

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    Program that moves mouse cursor and clicks

    What would be lines of code needed to move the mouse cursor a certain amount of pixels and to right click repeatedly?

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    1) What the hell are you trying to make that will require that? It sounds malicious.

    2) What OS?

    3) What compiler?

    4) We don't do homework.

    5) We don't do viruses.

    6) Be more specific.

    7) STFW

    8) RTFM


    I think I covered all the different responses you might get until you are more specific.

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    Yeah, something definitely smells fishy here. Someone's first and only post on the C Board reflecting no knowledge of programming asks us an overly broad question on how to make a program that doesn't sound remotely useful. Please forgive me if I'm too skeptical of the poster's intentions.

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    Maybe hes making one of those programs for games like Diablo 2. It sounds like a familiar little bot that when someone runs it, it opens you Diablo 2 inventory and drops it all on the ground. Its a cheating thing that noobs who couldn't play right used.
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    I don't know what he's up to, but I do know that it requires great skill to create a program that manipulates mouse movement.

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    i dont think thats its nessecarily malicious. there have been times when i wondered how to move the cursor, to do something for me becuase im too lazy. sure, you COULD do something malicious, but you can do the same, and worse with something like delete.
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    hmm, coulda sworn i posted something here yesterday.........anyways, it's not hard at all to move the mouse, or send details to it. There's a simple function: SetCursorPos that sets the cursor's position, and with a good luck on msdn, you can find the mouse function to set mouse button states. It's really not that hard to do (very easy, actually)

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