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    interpreting xml

    I am wondering if it is possible to write a program in c++ that interprets xml files. Are there any libs out there that would help with this type of thing.

    Has anyone had any experience / suggestions with using xml in this mannor.

    The reason I am interested in implementing xml is for easy management of the objects being presented in the gui.


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    My favorite and the one I found easiest to use by far is the Chilkat XML Library, avaliable from Takes a bit to download and set up, but its worth it.

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    I am looking for more of a non platform specific library (if such a thing exists) that would work the same on both Windows and Linux.

    Thanks for your tip.

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    Boost has a parser framework, but that may be a bit of a pain to get working with XML. Xmllib ( is a C XML parser which was originally written for GNOME, and it is portable.
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