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    couldn't find any documentation for this. This is m delima:

    I'm reading in a text file that has numbers and text. The text is on seperate lines started with a # and denote a comment line. all other lines are lines of numbers with tabs between the numbers like so

    #coment to be ignored
    12 56 78 3
    33 67 93 76
    #another comment to be ignored
    582 8782 7 23

    how do I skip over the lines with text using fscanf. I've seen syntax like fscanf(<handle> "%[^/]",buffer);
    which will read until it hits a "/" char but I need to read until I hit a number then be able to store that number in a variable. Can anyone explain how this is done?

    -- Thanks in advance Lumby

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    You really would have an easier time if you used getline or fgets to read an entire line into a string and then parse it. If the first character is '#' you can safely skip over parsing and if there's anything else, use sscanf on the string to get your numbers. Like so:
    char buff[80];
    while (fgets(buff, sizeof buff, infile) != NULL) {
      if (buff[0] == '#')
      if (sscanf(buff, "%d%d%d%d", &a, &b, &c, &d) != 4) {
        // Handle erroneous input
      else {
        // Work with your numbers
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    Sandra I could kiss you!!!! This worked so well!!!!!! Thanks a ton. I would buy you a drink but I doubt you're in the Boston area!

    -- Lumby

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