Thread: unexpected class?

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    unexpected class?

    I'm killing time before class and I've hit a problem with my console rpg. I declare a class player_t in file player.h:
    #ifndef PLAYER_H
    #define PLAYER_H
    #include "map.h"
    class player_t {
      int x, y, hp, *numitems;
    and I get these weird errors:
    h:\rpg\rpg\player.h(10) : error C2629: unexpected 'class player_t ('
    h:\rpg\rpg\player.h(10) : error C2238: unexpected token(s) preceding ';'
    I've gone through the code and I'm not missing a } or anything obvious, does anyone know what's wrong here or how I can fix it?
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    A problem in map.h perhaps?

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    Since map_t only shows up as a reference, you can replace the include with a forward declaration:
    class map_t;
    class player_t { // etc };
    At least might help isolate if the problem is with map.h or player.h
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