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    i am developing a pc game, and I need it to interact with the joystick, where can i get some SDK (if I need any) for different manufacturers.


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    If you use directX I think you can use direct input and it takes care of compatibility...This should be on the game programming board
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    Yeah, if you're running Windows, DirectX should work. Or, there should be a WinAPI function to read the "game port". These techniques will use the Windows driver.

    I think there is a de-facto standard... maybe a real standard for the joystick port. So, you could directly read the hardware port. You might want to do this if you are running true-DOS (not WinConsole).

    1- In general, hardware manufacturer's don't give you all the info you need. For example, printer manufacturer's no longer publish the escape codes to change fonts. The hardware manufacturer writes a driver to communicate thru Windows, and you write your application to communicate with thru Windows... Now, your application will work with any printer that has a Windows driver!

    2- Windows NT, 2000, and XP, won't let you communicate directly with the hardware, unless you write a kernel-mode driver. I assume Linux has hardware-access restrictions too.

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