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    accepting char and int

    Hey everyone I have this problem with the menu to a game I'm programming.... I want a loop that will not screw up when I put something other than a number in it.... heres the code I used.



    int character;

    cout<<"1. Paladin\n";
    cout<<"2. Warrior\n";
    cout<<"3. Rogue\n";
    cout<<"4. Mage\n";


    }while((character!=1) || (character!=2) || (character!=3) || (character!=4))

    Problem is when I input a letter or anything other than a number it goes into an infinate loop where it wont let me enter any data, it simple keeps looping the text! How can I make it when I put in something other than a number that it simple goes through the menu agian and allows me to enter text instead of scrolling the damn menu over and over and over agian. This is driving me mad someone please help!

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    two main categories of data validation are always input data as a string, then validate string AND use the istream methods called good() or fail() and combine either with clear(). Either method works. You could even try reading in with scanf() rather than an istream, but I think that has it's own set of hassles.

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    ignore() function will work

    Use char instead because if you enter a character, it will go crazy.

    and also, the (character != 1 || ... ) part is not right, you enter any number it will still go into that loop again because it did not satisify all the demands:
    if you entered '1', the comp will process: (character!= '1' || ...) ok pass, but when it goes into the second one (...||character !='2'...) it does not satisify this so it will go back to that loop.

    Solution make every "||" into "&&"

    Hope this will help

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    That first post made absolutely no sense to me... I need some example code of it

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