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    I would like to output 3 lines, each on their own line, for example:
    1 | 2 | 3
    x y z
    Does anyone know anyway to force a line break?
    Thanks, Torsin

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    you can do
    both should work

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    I would recommend the one with endl, becouse it also flushes the output buffer I think.
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    Talking Thanks!!

    Wow! Impressed with quick reply, thanks

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    to clarify what Aidman said, '\n' will add a new line to the buffer, but in C++, the contents of the stream aren't output until the buffer is full, so you might get strange results (something else may print in the middle, I had this happen for the first time recently).

    endl flushes the buffer, which causes it to be output to the screen.
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    yes use endl, very wise thing
    if you dont believe us about the buffer try using '\n' right before a getch() hehe.

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