Thread: error with fmod() function

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    error with fmod() function

    This is the function I am using to decrypt a value using the RSA method. I seem to be having a problem with the fmod() function.

    I have followed the function through with a debugger and get the following results:

    The values of the variables are:

    C = 33
    PrivKey = 29
    ModKey = 91
    Power = pow (C, PrivKey) = 1.088690056823e+044
    M = fmod (Power, ModKey) = 87

    I have performed the calculations on Windows calculator and get the same result for the power operation but get a value of 24 after the Mod operation. This is the correct value (the initial value before encryption). There is obviously an error occurring with the fmod() function but I dont see what it is. M, Power and ModKey are all doubles so there shouldnt be a problem there. Anyone know why I am getting this error? Thanks.

    My function:

    void CipherDecrypt::DecryptData (double input)
    	C = input;
    	cout << "Decrypt" << endl << "C: " << C << endl;
    	Power = pow (C, PrivKey);
    	cout << "Power: " << Power << endl;
    	M = fmod (Power, ModKey);
    	cout << "M: " << M << endl;

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    I believe it's coming from a lack of precision capability from the floats. Floats can only handle so many digits with precision and you are doing operations on a seemingly inaccurate result. In other words, you need a differnet type, one that can hold larger numbers consider the following library:

    also as a side note, FLINT was sepcifically designed for cryptographic purposes, RSA, Rijndael etc. So even if you have a larger int library FLINT is always good for the encryption
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    Thanks. Thought it would be a problem with the data types, wanted a second opinion though.

    Cheers for the info and the links.

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