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    Dev C++ Version 5

    Can someone please tell me how well this version of Dev C++ works? That is, should I get version 4 instead of version 5? I have used version 4 before, but since I recently obtained a new computer, I must download it again. Since my computer's internet connection is so slow, it is impractical for me to get both and try them. Thank you! ^_^

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    I'm not sure if this is the right board, but well...

    I've never used DevC++ 4 but from what I can tell, version 5 is stable. There are a few minor issues, but you can work around most of it by modifying the default DevC++ settings.

    The only thing I find quite annoying is, that it has problems with relative paths - ie you enter an absolute path to your projects include files, DevC++ automatically transforms it to a relative path based on GetCurrentDirectory(), but doesn't make your projects path the current one.
    Another thing is the debugger. It changes CurrentDirectory to it's own after every single breakpoint. Very annoying

    Other than that, everything I noticed can be resolved by a few changes to your settings (like the truncated error messages etc).

    edit: this is a good DevC++ FAQ
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    Thank you!

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    I worked with 3 versions of Dev-C++, version 4, final release, version 5 beta and the new version 5. Comparing to the 5th version, the 4th looks kind of old, but I really prefer the 5 beta, tough there is some cool stuff in the last version that 5b doesnt have.. but I don't care much, all I need is a text editor and a compiler, just like the old times

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