Thread: GPIB / IEEE 488 programming

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    GPIB / IEEE 488 programming

    Does anyone here have any experience in programing IEEE 488 interfaces in C++??


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    Lightbulb No direct experience, but I know a little about it.

    The companies that make GPIB controller cards have their own library extensions for C++ (and C & BASIC) that work with thier own cards & drivers.

    National Instruments(They also sell LabView which, I think, is their own language for programming GPIB.)

    Measurement Computing (aka ComputerBoards) (I think they have their own language too... SoftWire?... a Visual BASIC shell?)

    ICS Electronics

    And probably Agilent, because it was HPIB before it was GPIB, and before Agilent split-off of HP.
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