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    creating structures help


    I have read the tutorial on strutures and I have a simple question.
    I would try it out myself but don't have a compiler on hand.

    Say I've defined a struture

    struct example
      int x;
    example an_example;  //Treating it like a normal variable type
    an_example.x=33;     //How to access it
    Now the above has "created" a variable called an_example to access this particular structure.

    As my program runs it will need to access different instances of the structure so how to I get it to "create/access an instance of structure?

    In in the above code, rather than "an_example" can I actually have an array or something? that way I can access different elements in that array hence different instances of the structure?

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    example an_example[3];
    an_example[0].x = 8;   //1st variable
    an_example[1].x = 32;   //2nd variable
    an_example[2].x = 5;   //3rd variable
    Well, there are a few things wrong with your code:

    1) It does not work.
    2) It does not work.
    3) It does not work.

    Hope this helps.

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    >>what do you mean it does not work?
    That's just his signature. Ignore it.
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    lol, I feel so n00bi, I realized it and changed the post but you beet me to it!

    Thanks again to funkydude9

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