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    Reading the MSDN.

    Ok, this library is so overwhelming to the begginer. I am learning things and not knowing how or why they work. I am learning mostly about console attributes. Will reading the msdn help me with my c++ programming using a dev-c++ compiler? People are saying that Visual C++ is just a different compiler for C++ but the code looks extremely different to me.
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    Yes reading MSDN will help you with dev c++. I personally used to use Dev C++ because it was simpler than the others and it was free. I now use Visual C++. Visual C++ is just Microsofts compiler just like Dev C++ is Bloodsheds and C++ builder is borlands.
    Code seems to change when you start reading articles by microsoft. Usually because microsoft likes to be awkward by making different objects and by using hungarian notation.
    As long as you include the right header files you should nto have a problem with the code on MSDN.

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    People are saying that Visual C++ is just a different compiler for C++ but the code looks extremely different to me.

    Visual C++ can be used to employ MFC(Microsoft Foundation Classes) for windows programming, and that MFC stuff is probably what you are refering to.

    MFC is a giant construct of classes that makes using the 1,000+ functions of the win API(all those console functions you are studying) for windows programming easier. MFC automatically provides a generic windows program for you at the click of a few mouse buttons, and then you insert your own code where necessary to get the unique functionality required by your program. That avoids much of the drudgery of windows programming.
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    Yes MSDN will come in extremely useful, especially when/if you get into using the WinAPI. A lot of times you know the function name but can't remember what one of the parameters are for and oyu cna quickly look it up, or if you need to know of a function to perforn a certain task its also easy to find.
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    my microsoft visual c++ 6.0 didnt come with msdn..

    where can i get it or look for it at?

    and what is this windows api?????

    can soemone tell me full info about it thanks

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    Well if you bought VC++ 6.0 you should've gotten a CD called MSDN Library, otherwise you can view it at .

    The WinAPI is used to make windows applications, much like the browser you use or notepad. It stands for Windows Application Programming Interface. It is somewhat complex but easy to nderstand once oyu get used to it. If yo uare just starting console development, don't even think about using the WinAPI for awhile.
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