Thread: Getting a Bougus number.....

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    Question Getting a Bougus number.....

    int Machines::Set_Income()
        int NumberofDays, cash_made,daily_average;
               cout <<"How much money did the machine make in one day?" <<endl;
               cin >>cash_made;
               cout <<"How many days would you like to calculate?" <<endl;
               cin >>NumberofDays;
               daily_average = cash_made * NumberofDays;//-UpkeepCost;
               cout <<"In " <<NumberofDays <<" days the machine made: " <<daily_average;
    I am getting a bogus number when this member function is calculated. Any ideas??
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    You never return anything from the function. Also is cash supposed to be an int or a float?
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    I figured it out. Thanks Wizard!
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    ok im thinking that he is missing the "return 0;" code

    how come i do not see the header files? is it because he didnt add it for us to see? or.....

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    Because most people only post the code they're having trouble with, not the entire thing.
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