Thread: How do you run a program from the command prompt?

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    How do you run a program from the command prompt?


    I opened up a DOS window(Start->Programs->MSDOS prompt) and the program I want to run is named text.exe and it's in this directory:

    C:\Beginning C++\test\Debug

    I used

    cd C:\

    to get to the C:\> prompt, but when I tried to do this:

    C:\>cd Beginning C++\test\Debug
    Too many parameters - C++\test\Debug

    I got that error. I think the space in the "Beginning C++" directory is causing problems. What should I do?

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    Never mind: quote marks.

    cd "Beginning C++\test\Debug"

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    Just a note, the command prompt from WinXP doesn't have this problem. It works fine without the quotes.

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    cd beginn~1\test\Debug

    That's a shortcut for identifying long file/directory names.
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    Not very portable though. What if there's a directory called 'Beginning C'? Then you'd have to reference 'Beginning C++' as 'Beginn~2'.
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    this if the "formula" you would use (if you didn't get it from the previous examples:

    [first six letters]~[number of files with same first 6 letters, starting at 1].[three char extension]

    for example:


    would be:


    in that order...
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