Thread: Printing my initials and surname

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    Printing my initials and surname

    Hi, I am supposed to create a little program that reads my full name and prints my initials and surname
    eg Joe Fred Bloggs outputs J. F. Bloggs

    It doesn't mention which function I should use, and without a little hint of a function or type of loop than I really don't know where to start.

    Could anyone give me some advice please?

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    That won't work as it stands of course! But it gives you a start.

    What you'll need to do is read in the string as a whole. Output the first character, then ignore all characters until you reach a space when you ouput a dot and a space, then output the next character, and repeat the procedure for the second name, after that copy the rest of the characters.

    Try it then post your code if you have trouble.
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    It doesn't mention which function I should use

    The whole point is for you to write the function. If you could just call a function for every task, there wouldn't be much to learning programming.

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