Thread: converting int to arrays, more info

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    converting int to arrays, more info

    hey all,

    how do one convert an integer that a user has entered into a location is an existing 2-d array?

    For example:

    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <stdio.h>


    int y;
    int grid[4][4]={{1,5,9,13},{2,6,10,14},{3,7,11,15},{4,

    int u;
    int U;
    if (y==grid[3][3]){
    When I run this, I get a windows error, even tho I get no compiler errors.

    The actual array represents basically a game board. The comptuer "moves" 1 up, or 1 down, or 1 diagonally, etc. Obviously, the movement is based on its current position, as denoted by the coordinates (i.e. array[x][y]).
    The problem arises when the computer makes an illegal move, such a 2 spaces across. To prevent that, I use an if/then statement, referring to the intended coordinates (array [x][y]), and subtracting from them the coordinated of the present position, which, of course, is itself based on previous movements, etc., etc., starting all the way back with array[0][0]--the computer starts at the top left corner.

    The problem is that the coordinates, or [x][y], change, depending on the position on the "board". So I would need to refer to array[x][y] as a variable, as opposed to array[3][3], which is always 16.

    I hope that's kinda clear (!)



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    > int u;
    Contains garbage

    > int U;
    Contains garbage

    > y=grid[u][U];
    Overwrites the value of y you've just input with some wild array reference, caused by indexing it with two garbage values.
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